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Valley View Velvet Whitetails was founded in 2007 by two brother-in-laws on a family farm that is close to 200 years old in the historic town of Hanoverton, Ohio. The original farm began as a stud farm and has since raised many types of farm animals including cattle, sheep, and pigs. Now with the addition of whitetail deer the farm has yet another breed to add to its history.

It all started with the purchase of a doe and a loner buck from Ted Summer. The farm grew slowly for the next couple of years while the focus was on the fencing and handling facilities to ensure proper care and management of the animals.

In 2009 a group of does was purchased from Sundance Whitetails. Along with the purchase of the does was the opportunity to live breed with Yellowknife, a High Roller son, which proved to be beneficial in improving our herd’s genetics. This year was a huge turning point in our experience with raising deer.

In 2010 we purchased a group of deer from Mary Gargala of Delilah Whitetails. Two does and three bucks were purchased which included Abendigo who is still half owned by Mary.

Abendigo was a triplet, bottle-fed buck, born in 2007 from Flees Bucky and Cher, who is a Sundance doe. At age one, Abendigo scored 134” and 228” at two. Last year at the age of three, Abendigo was a very framey 6x6 and scored 312” with a 24” inside spread and a 37” outside spread showing 40 points. As he begins to grow his four year old rack, he is showing larger mass. We have high expectations and anticipate great results.

We sold several live breedings and straws of semen in 2010 as this is our main breeding buck on the farm. We will be selling live breedings and a limited amount of semen in 2011.

Anyone interested in watching Abendigo as he continues to grow this summer, feel free to log on to our website, or call to schedule a visit.
Cory Thomas (330) 831-1054
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